The Damned- Another Great Record From The Damned (1981)

I was a schoolboy punk rocker...
This is an indespensible record from those heady days of hedgehog haircuts, handmedowns and halfmasters.
When I make a vinyl rip (and this is one) I really can't be arsed to fiddle about making a composite scan of the sleeve. Why no 12" square scanner beds? So I usually pinch an image off Discogs or Amazon or anywhere else.
The thing is I couldn't find a decent pic for this one.
Very low resolution:

I notice also that Dave is in a different pose ?
Too many line up changes during the years covered by this compilation to list here...

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  1. That is so true, why no 12" scanner beds! Don't they know we need to scan album covers for petes sake, what is wrong with these people!! Thanks for this Damned too!



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