Saint Etienne- Foxbase Alpha (1991)

Young people are not correcting society. They are regurgitating it.
Jeff Nutall, Bomb Culture.

In 1987 Andy Warhol dissapeared.
In 1988 When Saturday Comes went national.
In 1990 Bruce Forsyth returned as host of the Generation Game after a 13 year absence.
In 1991 Heavenly Records released Foxbase Alpha by Saint Etienne.
Nostalgia, misrepresentation and postmodern pastiche.
Nostalgia, the social disease, the repetition that mourns the inauthenticity of all repetition (Susan Stewart).
Mickey Dolenz, Billy Fury...Space 1999, Moonbase alpha...1976 European Cup Final-Bayern Munich 1 St Etienne 0.
Neil Young- Euro Disco, I Can't Wait to See My Baby's Face- Dusty Springfield...
Journalists making records. Metroplolitain living.

Sarah Cracknell - Vocals.
Bob Stanley - Roland Jupiter 4, Korg M1, Tambourine.
Pete Wiggs - SCI Prophet 5, Emax sampler, Bongos.
Ian Catt - Guitars, Keyboard Programming.
Moira Lambert - Vocals on Only Love Can Break Your Heart.
Harvey Williams - Bass on Only Love Can Break Your Heart.


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