Dan Y Cownter 2 (2006)

Casgliad o gerddoriaeth Gymraeg.
Dan Y Cownter (Under the Counter) is a compilation series put together by BBC’s Huw Stephens that showcases contemporary Welsh Language music. Granted, this set is 3 years old but it’s likely to be new to you unless you‘re an avid lover of Welsh pop. Wynne Jones gives you a tidy review of the tracks on his Gog With A Blog site.
Loads of information about what’s around the Welsh language scene on the Dan Y Cownter website, where you can also download the latest compilation in the series.

(Whatever your media player may tell you track one is Pwer y FFlwer by Radio Luxembourg, not Sonar by Brigan).

Let’s see:
Radio Luxembourg- Pwer Y Fflwer
Swci Boscawen- Adar Y Nefoedd
Mim Twm Llai- Rhosyn Rhwng Fy Nannedd
Genod Droog- Breuddwyd Oer
Stiches- Dan Do
Richard Jones- Tir A Mor
Sibrydion- Blithdraphlith
Y Diwygiad- Mewn Can Mlynedd
Ryan Kift- Gola Ola
Acid Casuals- Y Ferch Ar Y Cei Yn Rio


  1. That Ryan kift track is the nuts, pure genius, who is this kid

  2. Well, I Googled Ryan Kift- here's a couple of sites that have info on him/ them.


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