A Rockabilly Selection

Rockabilly can be identified by the appearance (or absence) of a number of elements … devotees seem to advocate adding points for the following elements:
  • Obvious Presley influence
  • Performers with a country music background
  • Identifiable country and rhythm and blues inflections
  • Blues structures
  • Use of echo effect
  • Strong rhythm and beat
  • Emotion and feeling
  • A wild or extreme vocal style
  • An energetic blues influenced guitar solo
  • Upright bass, especially if played in a slap manner.
  • Moderate to fast tempo
  • A date of 1954, 1955 or 1956
  • Southern origin
Points are often removed for the following reasons:
  • Obvious commercial intent
  • Condescendingly juvenile lyrics
  • Chorus groups, especially female
  • Harmony singing
  • Bland or uninvolved singing
  • Saxophone
  • Electric bass
  • Piano, unless it is Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Weak rhythm
  • Black performers
  • Slower tempos
  • Every year after 1957 (until the revival)
  • Northern origins
The following elements score bonus points:
  • The performers perceived commitment to rockabilly (double if the performer is Charlie Feathers):  this may be bolstered by hair, clothes, posture, or vintage instruments in accepted rockabilly fashion
  • Acoustic guitar and electric guitar and upright bass but no drums
  • Obscurity
  • Sun label or Memphis origin
  • The influence of Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent or The Rock n Roll Trio ( for revival performers)

From: Go Cat Go!: Rockabilly Music And Its Makers by Craig Morrison (1996)

Tracks: Sixteen Chicks- Joe Clay, Born To Love One Woman- Ric Cartey, Six White Horses - Stan Johnson & The Blue Chips, New Shoes- Lee Denson, Little Boy Blue- Hoyt Johnson, Drugstore Rock 'n' Roll- Janis Martin , Woodpecker Rock - The Braves, Catty Town- Dick Glasser, Honey Bunn - Larry Donn, Baby Sittin' All The Time - Bob Hicks & The Fenders, Honky Tonk Mind- Tommy Blake, Teen Billy Baby – Sprouts, Don't Bug Me Baby- Milton Allen, Now Stop- Martha Carson, Milkcow Blues- Jimmie Rodgers Snow, I'm Hungry For Your Lovin' -Danny Dill, Heart Throb- Ric Cartey, One And Only- David Houston, I've Got A Dollar - Jimmy Dell, Rock Ola Ruby - Sonee West, Sweetest Thing - J. Mikel & The Fenders, Lonesome Baby Blues - David Ray, Sweet Rockin' Baby - Sonee West, Mary Nell- Autry Inman, Juke Box Rock - Dick Seaton & The Mad Lads, All Night Long - Tommy Blake, Rockin' Bones - Elroy Dietzel & The Rhythm Bandits, Just Thought I'd Set You Straight - Ted Harris, Dry Run - Parker Cunningham, Goodbye Train - Jim Floey & The Big Beats

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