Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps (1956-1963)

To me Gene Vincent was the perfect Rock n Roll singer, more balls than all those other guys that Jimmy Savile used to play on a Sunday afternoon, there was an air of fairground menace and sexual predation about him. 

Willie Williams- rhythm guitar
Jack Neal - upright bass
Dickie Harrell - drums
Cliff Gallup -  lead guitar 
Johnny Meeks  -  lead guitar (replaced Cliff Gallup in 1957)

Tracks: Double Talkin' Baby; Red Bluejeans And A Ponytail; Who Slapped JohnBe-Bop-A-Lula; Cat Man; Flea Brain; Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back;I Flipped; Rip It Up; Say Mama; Git It; Bluejean Bop; Teenage Partner; Race With The Devil

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