The Rock and Roll Trio (The Johnny Burnette Trio) - Rockabilly Boogie (1956-57)

The Rock n Roll Trio were formed in Memphis in 1952 as The Rhythm Rangers. All three members were successful amateur boxers.
The Trio were reputedly showing a distinct Rockabilly style by 1954, but their major break came in 1956 when they appeared on a TV talent show. They toured extensively and the public, stirred by the breakthrough of Elvis Presley earlier in 1956, were hungry for the rockabilly sound.  Despite being acknowledged as an influential force in Rockabilly music, The Trio never achieved major chart success.
The Trio were plagued by disagreements over their name: When the Burnettes had suggested The Burnette Brothers Burlison suggested The Burlison Brothers; they were variously billed as The Rock n Roll Trio, The Johnny Burnette Trio, Johnny Burnette and The Rock n Roll Trio or even just plain Johnny Burnette. Dorsey Burnette quit in late 1956 - he was peeved at the use of the name Johnny Burnette and The Rock n Roll Trio as he  sang lead on a number of songs- he favoured keeping the name The Rock n Roll Trio even though they now had four regular members.  After leaving the band Dorsey actually set up his own group called...Dorsey Burnette and The Rock n Roll Trio.
The Trio split up towards the end of 1957. Johnny Burnette went on to enjoy some success a solo artist.

Paul Burlison (1929-2003) guitar (welterweight)
Dorsey Burnette (1932-1979) bass, vocals (welterweight) - replaced by Johnny Black late 1956
Johnny Burnette (1934-1964) guitar, vocals (lightweight)
Tony Austin - drums- joined c. September 1956

Tracks: Rockbilly Boogie;  Please Don't Leave Me (Alt) ; Rock Therapy ;  Lonesome Train (On a Lonesome Track) ;    Sweet Love on My Mind ;  My Love, You're a Stranger;   Your Baby Blue Eyes ; I Love You So (Alt) ;  The Train Kept A-Rollin';  All by Myself; Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee ; Blues Stay Away from Me ; Honey Hush; Lonesome Tears in My Eyes ; I Just Found Out ; Chains of Love;  Please Don't Leave Me; Lonesome Train (On a Lonesome Track) (Alt) ; I Love You So ; If You Want It Enough ; Butterfingers ; Eager Beaver Baby; Touch Me;Tear It Up ;Oh Baby Babe; You're Undecided ; Midnight Train ;  Shattered Dreams 

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