Another Rockabilly Selection...

Rockabilly was a marriage of blues and hillbilly styles that caused a ruckus in the country music community as soon as it hit the market.
Coming fast and hard out of the south…rockabilly offered young and restless but still country rooted performers a chance to stretch and cut loose musically in ways never previously imagined. Rockabilly- for a few white-hot, powerful years, widened the scope and gave the younger generation a music all their own.
Rockabilly ignited at the point where country & western merged with blues and R&B.
Given the intense, raw energy the music produced, the simplicity of it all is astounding. At rockabilly’s core was the rhythm- a strong and steady beat made with just a guitar and a stand up bass played in a slapping style. An electric guitar cut through like a sharp knife, and on top of it all was a hillbilly hepcat singer packing a punkish attitude and an assortment of lurid yelps, hiccups and raspy cries- not to mention swaggering dance moves- that gave the music the threat of danger, that made it sexy.

Taken from: You Can't Catch Me: Rockabilly Busts Through the Door. In Country music: The Rough Guide
Kurt Wolff, Orla Duane - (2000)

Snaggletooth Ann Gene Norman & The Rocking Rockets; Phone Me Baby Bill Woods; Duck Tail  Joe Clay; Red Hot Mama Wayne Williams & The Sure Shots; Oakie Boogie Hank Swatley; Spaceship Life Blackie Jenkins & The Satellites; Rosie Let's Get Cozy  Dave Rich; Star Light, Star Bright  Nan Castle; I'm A Mean, Mean Daddy Paul Carnes; Rocking With The Rhythm And Blues Ronnie Haig; You Don't Bug Me Terry Daly & The Nu-Tones; Rock On The Moon Deacon & The Rock-N-Rollers; Moo Mama Myrick Ben Hall & The Country Drifters; Music To My Ear Speck And Doyle; That's The Way I Feel Jimme Pritchett; Goshmody Whatabody Glen Goza & The Damangos Impact; Down At Big Mamma's House Rex Hale & His Rhythm Masters; How Can You Be Mean To Me Dale Vaughan & The Starnotes; Eager Boy The Lonesome Drifter; TV Hop Morgan Twins; Nuthin' But A Nuthin'  Jimmy Stewart & The Night Hawks; Hepcat Boogie Fletcher Hanna With Red 'Joe' Rayner & His Ozark Playboys; Hep Cat Larry Terry; Let's Rock To-Nite Jimmy Grubbs & His Music Makers; Sweet Love Orangie Ray Hubbard; Just A-Walkin' Andy Starr & The Casinos; I'm Gonna Rock Some Too Hodges Brothers; That Ain't Nothing But Right  Joey Castle; Hootchy Cootchy  Curtis Long & The Rhythm Rockers; Lovin' Honey Gene Morris.

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