Carl Perkins

Carl Perkins' background was typical of the early Rockabilly star. From a family of poor Tennessee sharecroppers, Carl first played music on a cigar box guitar. He graduated to a second hand Gene Autry guitar and learned some blues off an African American field worker, John Westbrook, who Carl knew as "Uncle John." Legend has it that Carl re-tied his broken strings, which made sliding impossible, so he would bend to get his blue notes.
Here is the LP 'Best of The Sun Years':

Tracks; Blue Suede Shoes; Boppin’ The Blues; Honey Don't; Matchbox; Glad All Over; Movie Magg; Put Your Cat Clothes On; Gone, Gone, Gone; Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby; Dixie Fried; Honky Tonk Gal; Lend Me Your Comb; Sure To Fall; All Mama’s Children; Your True Love; Pink Pedal Pushers; I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry; That’s Right; Turn Around; Let The Juke Box Keep On Playing.

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