Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark- Peel Session, February 21st 1983

Genetic Engineering
Of All The Things We've Made
Abc Auto-Industry
Bunker Soldiers (03/09/1979)

Line up:
Andy McCluskey - bass, vocals, drum machine
Paul Humphries - keyboards, vocals
Martin Cooper - synthesiser
Malcolm Holmes - drums
There was also a tape deck named Winston.

The album issue of OMD's Peel Sessions is a bit misleading on this one. Electricity was never played in a Peel session, but it is included on the LP as a bonus track. I can't find a recording of Bunker Soldiers from this, the fourth session (I used to have it on tape) so I've put in the 1979 Peel session version.
Andy McCluskey was a visionary, an immensely talented man. And then he gave us Atomic Kitten...

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