Dexys Midnight Runners-Searching for the Young Soul Rebels (1980) Dance Stance (1979)


We didn't want to become part of anyone else's movement. We'd rather be our own movement.

Kevin Rowland
Kevin "Al" Archer - guitar, vocals,
Kevin Rowland - bass, guitar, piano, vocals
Geoffrey Blythe- horn. saxophone
Andy Leek - organ
"Big" Jim Paterson - trombone
Peter Saunders -organ
Steve Spooner - horn, alto saxophone
Mick Talbot - keyboards
Pete Williams - bass
Andy Growcott - drums

Before they came up with the singalong Celtic Gypsy style Dexys had a hard edged, Northern Soul influenced sound with a fantastic brass section and a no-nonsense proletarian image.

Their first single, Dance Stance, reappeared on the LP as Burn It Down, lengthened by a radio collage intro.
Here's the original 7" single mix.

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