La Cave Saravah Vol. 1-Une Compilation D'Oeuvres Rares Et Inedites (1966 - 1980)

1. Intro -Pierre Barouh à Aubignan
2. La nuit de mon amour -Pierre Barouh avec Baden Powell, Milton Banana & Oscar Castro Neves
3. La maison du café -Brigitte Fontaine & Areski
4. Ode to maffen -Chic Streetman
5. Ntçe ngani -Pierre Akendengue
6. Le moral nécessaire -Alfred Panou & l'Art ensemble of Chicago
7. For all we know -Marva Broome & l'Art ensemble of Chicago
8. Colopin bombin - Cohelmec ensemble
9. Le tango -Jacques Higelin
10. Ooh la la -Champion Jack Dupree
11. Berimbau - Trio Camara
12. Pause café -Jean-Charles Capon & Pierre Favre
13. Le temps -Michel Roques
14. 80 A.B. -Areski
15. Musique pour publicité - Olivier Bloch Lainé
16. Killy -Nicole Croisille
17. E.D.F. power -Electronic Distorsions of France
18. Piège -Jean-Philippe Goude & Olivier Collé
19. Un homme qui me plaît -Francis Lai
20. Sur un banc, sous la pluie - Dominique Barouh & David McNeil
21. Fille du soleil -Francis Lai
22. Solstice -Catharsis
23. Cyclothimie -Daniel Vallancien & Philippe Maté
24. Outro -Pierre Barouh au Flipper du Bistro le Saint-Jean

In 1966 Pierre Barouh collaborated (as lyricist) with Francis Lai on the score for the Palme d'Or winning movie Un Homme Et Une Femme. He also starred in the movie alongside Anouk Aimée, who he later married. Barouh was a world music enthusiast who had made a film about Bossa Nova with Baden Powell. He bought a mill in the Vendée where he established a recording studio and the the Saravah record label. Sarvah was all about eclecticism and released work by African, folk, blues, and French pop acts. This is a compilation of rarities from 1966-1980.

Pierre Barouh

Here's a link to the soundtrack of Un Homme Et Une Femme (спасибо Joao K).

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