Jake Thackray

Jake Thackray, often to be seen on TV back in the 60's , was the closest that England had to a chansonnier. Described as a wit to rival Noel Coward and influencing artists as diverse as Morrissey, Victoria Wood and The Arctic Monkeys, he was Yorkshire's very own Georges Brassens.

Here is the the tracklisting for  Ideal and here is the the tracklisting for The Very Best of...

A tribute by Momus can be read here.
Thanks to Jimmie for steering me towards this.


  1. Like this site, great job! I'll have to come back and investigate more thoroughly.

    I'm looking for a song my uncle had on a 45rpm back in the 50's, early to mid I would guess as I was still pretty young. I'm not really sure of the title. I suspect it must have been a hit as there wasn't a whole lot of money around and all he got to spend was what he made from his paper route. Anyway, the lyrics that stick in my head, and I'm thinking its the first part of the song is:

    There was a little blond lived down on the corner
    Everyone thought that she was a gonner
    So I got me a date and we went for a ride one night.
    As we drove along, she held my hand and I felt just like a grown up man...

    And I kind of lose it from there, but the chorus goes something like:

    If you don't know, I ain't gonna tell ya
    From now on its up to ya fella
    Words don't count at a time like this.

    If you can help at all, I would certainly appreciate it. Its most likely pre-rock. I can recall the tune just a bit, and I realize its not much to go on. Thanks.


  2. Carl- the song is 'if You don't Know I Ain't Gonna Tell You' by George Hamilton IV

  3. Jake Thackray. Good work that man.

  4. Thanks for these jake albums...remeber them from a long time ago and great to hear them again...thanks for the share.....cheers.


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