Daniel Johnston- Continued Story (1985) Hi, How Are You (1983) Yip Jump Music (1983)

I wanted to be a rock star, but I found that I couldn't sing...

Daniel Johnston suffers from a bi-polar disorder. He is obsessed with comic books, The Beatles and an unrequited love from his brief college days.
Throughout the eighties he made a series of home recorded cassettes which he would hand out to people he met. He has turned out seventeen studio albums, three live albums, two compilation albums, he has been the subject of two movies and seven tribute albums.
A person with a mental health problem who makes records as opposed to a person who makes records and has a mental health problem?


  1. Hey, I'm the guy who requested Texas fever by Orange Juice.
    I just happened to be looking for "Hi, How Are You" on google. After extensive searching for 320kbps, I came across this!

    Nice one once again, I visited the blog a couple days back but somehow missed something I've been looking for below the newer stuff :)

  2. Hi Tom,
    I usually post my updates on Totally Fuzzy.
    Enjoy the music!

  3. I'm listening to Hi How Are You, and it's apparently digitally remastered, but what's with all that digital noise in the background?
    They sound like fuzzy footsteps getting closer then back out again. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be there due to it's extreme Lo-Fi-ness, or if it's a bad conversion.
    I'm guessing it's supposed to be like that, but I just want to check :)

  4. Hi Tom- I noticed some noise on this recording- I'll check it out later. If it was a problem with my equipment (oo-er Mrs!)- I'll re rip it and let you know.

  5. Ok- looks like it was a problem with my CD drive- I'm in the process of re ripping.

  6. OK- that should be fixed. I've re upped
    Continued Story & Hi, How Are You. They are now one MP3 file each, the reason being that I didn't want to place too much strain on my fragile sanity by doing hours of editing.
    However, here is the tracklist & timings:
    Continued Story
    1. It's Over - 3:15
    2. Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me - 2:43
    3. The Dead Laughing In The Cloud - 2:38
    4. Funeral Home- 0:53
    5. Her Blues - 1:30
    6. Running Water Revisited - 2:09
    7. I Saw Her Standing There- 2:54
    8. Casper - 2:18
    9. Ghost Of Our Love - 1:51
    10. Fly Eye - 1:59
    11. Etiquette - 2:57
    12. A Walk In The Wind - 2:21
    13. Dem Blues - 3:20
    14. Girls- 6:30

    Hi, How Are You?

    1. Poor You - 2:03
    2. Big Monkey Business- 2:02
    3. Walking The Cow - 3:34
    4. I Picture Myself With A Guitar - 0:44
    5. Despair Came Knocking - 2:44
    6. I Am A Baby (In My Universe)- 1:36
    7. Nervous Love- 0:18
    8. I'll Never Marry- 0:20
    9. Get Yourself Together- 0:32
    10. Running Water-1:32
    11. Desperate Man Blues-3:39
    12. Hey Joe-2:44
    13. She Called Pest Control-0:52
    14. Keep Punching Joe-3:11
    15. No More Pushing Joe Around-4:42

  7. Hmm, so if I make those times into a cue sheet, it'll break up the track correctly?

    PS - no chance in FLACs, is there?

  8. GREAT ALBUMS! I lovedaniel johnston. T=Yip Jump was his masterpiece.

  9. A completely untalented idiot

  10. A completely untalented idiot...
    What is it with this outsider stuff?
    The guy can't sing, he can't play (piano or guitar) he can't write a line that scans.
    But he's not making some ironic comment on rock music- he actually thinks that he's John Lennon or Bob Dylan.
    Oh, and he's a comic book artist, but he can't draw.
    Complete fruitcake.
    Pink Freud


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