Errico Malatesta said...

Errico Malatesta said...To bring about a revolution, and especially the Anarchist revolution it is necessary that the people be conscious of their rights and their strength; it is necessary that they be ready to fight and ready to take the conduct of their affairs into their own hands. It must be the constant preoccupation of the revolutionists, the point towards which all their activity must aim, to bring about this state of mind among the masses.
He who expects the emancipation of mankind to come, not from the persistent and harmonious co-operation of all men [and women] of progress, but from the accidental or providential happening of some acts of heroism, is not better advised that one who expected it from the intervention of an ingenious legislator or of a victorious general . . . our ideas oblige us to put all our hopes in the masses, because we do not believe in the possibility of imposing good by force and we do not want to be commanded .


  1. I haven't forgotten Tom. My condition of wage slavery has slowed things up during the last fortnight but I'm reaping the benefits now and getting out of here for ten days. So it'll be early in April.


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