Happy Mondays- Freaky Dancin' 12" (1986)

Another forgotten record from 'before they were famous'. Bernard Sumner from New Order producing (not a particularly succesful venture in my opinion- the funky bass gets buried in a rumbling muddy sound at times, and the clangy guitar only sporadically shines through, the overall effect is that there's a hell of a lot going on- this worked on later records like WFL).
I think this is the only place you can find The Egg- a cracking, funky track.
This is probably my best charity shop find for years.


  1. Spotted your comment over at Ian Bone about the Hungary side of the early 50s.

    Do you recommend any books about that period. I never knew about Sebes, etc.

  2. Alright Darren?
    Puskas on Puskas by Rogan Taylor is a good read that has a lot of background info- it's based on interviews with Puskas and also has first hand accounts from other members of the Golden Squad.
    There's a good section on the tactical development- the deep lying center forward etc.

  3. Cheers for that. I'll look out for it.


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