Ghosts...of the Civil Dead (1988)

I haven't posted much Nick Cave stuff- I'm sure that nearly all The Birthday Party and Bad Seeds LPs are readily available. I notice , tho, that this seems to be quite rare.
Here is the soundtrack of John Hillcoat's 1988 movie Ghosts...of the Civil Dead .Hillcoat and Cave are long term collaborators, from 1981's Birthday Party video Nick the Stripper to Cave penned feature film The Proposition (2005).
Ghosts... , based partly on the autobiographical writings of the American Jack Henry Abbott (1944–2002) concerns a lockdown in a privately run maximum security prison in the middle of the desert.
The title is derived from civiliter mortuus, a condition under Roman law whereby a miscreant was deprived of their civil status and rights.

Cave as Maynard in the movie...

News [Voice: Michelle Babbit] - Nick Cave
Introduction-A Prison in the Desert - Nick Cave
I've Been a Prison Guard Since I Was 18 Years Old - David Hale Associates
I Was 16 When They Put Me in Prison
You're Danglin' Us Like a Bunch of Meat on a Hook
- David Hale Associates
Pop Mix - Blixa Bargeld, Nick Cave, Mick Harvey
We Were United Once
Day of the Murders - David Hale Associates
Lilly's Theme (A Touch of Warmth) - Blixa Bargeld, Nick Cave, Mick Harvey
Maynard Mix - Blixa Bargeld, Nick Cave, Mick Harvey
What I'm Telling Is the Truth - David Hale Associates
Outro-The Free World - Nick Cave
One Man Released So They Can Imprison the Rest of the World


  1. Hey, This was a nice treat to wake up to ! Thank You :D

  2. Such an amazing film and of course a lot of the extras were crims from down here...also stars Dave Mason from The Reels. Powerful stuff and tho' it was based on the US prison service, it seems to be coming more true all the time.


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