Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (1999)- directed by Chris Cunningham

…the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music
Paul Lester, The Guardian (2001)

Richard D James , aka Aphex Twin, has had a fascinating career in which he has broadened the horizons of electronic music. At the age of 11 he was tinkering with a Sinclair ZX81, producing sounds (on a machine with no sound hardware) and composed ambient techno music at the age of 13. His contribution to electronic music would take pages to catalogue; he has been a trend setter in Ambient, Jungle, Drum and Bass- critics have struggled to define the genre in which James operates, and he does not ease their toil by avoiding labelling.
He has acknowledged the influence of avant garde composers such as Satie, Cage and Glass as well as electronic/ ambient masters such as Brian Eno and Krautrock outfits Kraftwerk, Can, Neu! and Tangerine Dream

This is the video for Aphex Twin's 1999 hit Windowlicker. The title is derived from the French term for window shopping (faire du lèche-vitrine which translates literally as

licking the window). The homies in the video are cruising - windowshopping for pussy...

The film was directed by Chris Cunningham.
As a 19 yr old Chris worked on radical puppet show Spitting Image - before moving into movies , working on sculpture and animatronics for the film Alien 3- he later worked with Kubrick.
His work is characterised by startlingly disturbing imagery.
Here's a Dazed and Confused article...

An approximate obscenity count for the dialogue: motherfucker or variants-26 ; fuck- 46 ; shit- 16 ; non pejorative use of the word nigger-43.
For lovers of the written word here's a transcript...

And finally a link to the movie ...

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