Anaksimandros- Burning Aquarium (2002)

I am always conscious of the fact that one genre that we have totally overlooked here at Burning Aquarium is Finnish acid folk/ free improvisation.
Well, here's a little taster- this is Anaksimandros with the track Burning Aquarium taken from their 2002 tape Camels Running Through Life. You can find more of their stuff over on the Newness Begins Here blog.

Actually I came across Anaksimandros whilst googling myself (oo-er missus)- intrigued to find a track titled Burning Aquarium.
This blog wasn't named after the Anaksimandros cut- I found the name in a line from Bottom by Arthur Rimbaud:

Tout se fit ombre et aquarium ardent.

I am reminded here of my old freind Patrick Kavanagh- when asked if he was named after the poet Patrick Kavanagh he replied 'how can I deny it?'


  1. I feel you are sadly mistaken.
    Bottom is by Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson.
    I refer you to their excellent hotel Paradiso.

  2. Ha! That's a great one Anonymous- made my day.


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