I'm not trying to be alarmist.
I haven't been able to access Multiupload for 2 days now. http://www.downornot.com/ tells me it's ok (most of the time...)
I've checked a lot of links- files have been removed, servers temporarily not available etc.
Looks like a bad time to be sharing music.
I've always adhered to the view of the late lamented Joao Kartoshka that we should  support the obscenely wealthy global music industry whenever possible as they recycle and repackage material at the maximum cost to you and the minimum outlay for them.
As I wrote in an earlier post , Burning Aquarium is essentially about giving people the opportunity to appreciate music that they might otherwise have never heard- either because it’s not widely covered or no longer readily available.
Essentially this is an extension, on a much larger scale, of the days when I used to give my mates in the pub a tape and urge them to check it out.

Anyhow, let's wait and see what unfolds.
Maybe i'm just paranoid.


  1. Megaupload's been shut, and all the other Multiupload options for The Clash file (Fort Bragg, part 2) are broken. Thanks, anyway, man. Let us know if and when you're able to fix it. I've already got part 1 (through rapidshare, funnily enough -- why part 1 is up there and part 2 is not is a mistery, innit?) : - )

  2. This censorship is shit!
    Thanks for all your work!


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