The Specials- Specials (1979)

Obviously no feature on Skinhead culture would be complete without an acknowledgement of the role that the 2-Tone label/ movement played in bringing the sounds of ska and the fashions of the Skinhead era to a new generation.

I thought that posting this LP might be viewed as something of a cliché, and I was sure that it was available in loads of other places. Not so, apparently.

So I dug out my 31 year old vinyl copy, bought in Boots for about £2.50 in November 1979. It's an absolute belter. Amazingly the next record that I invested my pocket money in was London Calling by The Clash. What a great time to be 14!

Here's some info on the record.
And here are some other posts on The Specials.


  1. oh dear...
    the file is gone...

  2. Thanks for letting me know dugg- i'll get it sorted in the next couple of days.

  3. Ok, it's fixed- enjoy a real classic.

  4. I'll get it sorted out soon Ignacio...


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