Аквaриум- Равноденствие (1987) Aquarium- Equinox (1987)

Reader Shemp recently requested more from Аквaриум , a band featured on Red Wave- 4 Underground Bands From The USSR.
This is ripped from one of those MP3 compilation discs that are so popular in Russia. For a reasonable price you can by a well packaged disc that contains several albums. The only downside is that the bitrate tends to be 192.
The word eclectic just about does justice to the diversity of Аквaриум, formed in Leningrad in 1972. They proceeded through the usual channels of квартирники (kvartirniki-apartment concerts) and магнитиздат (magnitizdat-underground recordings) whilst the organs of the state suppressed rock music.
There's a history of the band here, and more on the album Равноденствие here.

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