Australia should become a republic when Queen Elizabeth II dies, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said just days ahead of a general election.

Welsh-born Ms Gillard said the Queen's death would be an "appropriate point" for Australia to move away from having a British monarch as head of state.

I'm all for that!
And why not extend the move to Britain itself?
When the old lady passes away let's kiss the antiquated money pit that is the Royal Family goodbye.A secular republic is still a state, but a more rational one perhaps.


  1. Indeed another thing that Gilliard has got wrong. I despair of (NEW) Labo(u)r...should become one now. There is no reason to hang onto Mother's apron strings (and to what benefit)?

  2. Why wait until QEII "dies"? Let her be the one that starts the ball rolling...maybe Charles can be involved in the design and implementation...A NEW Britain!
    Ex Pat living in Australia for past 19 years.
    (Probably wouldn't miss the Commonwealth games much either!)


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