A Break From The Norm - Various (2001)

This album is a compilation of tracks that Norman Cook sampled during his heyday as Fatboy Slim.

1 Take Yo' Praise- Camille Yarbrough (Praise You)
2 Love Loves to Love Love- Lulu (Santa Cruz)
3 Higher Ground- Ellen McIlwaine (Song for Lindy)
4 Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya- Stik E and The Hoodz (Ya Mama)
5 Can't Write Left Handed- Bill Withers (Demons)
6 I Can't Explain- Yvonne Elliman (Going Out of My Head)
7 Let the Rhythm Pump- Doug Lazy (Ya Mama)
8 Beatbox Wash (Rinse It Rmx)- Dust Junkys (Gangster Trippin)
9 Sliced Tomatoes- Just Brothers (The Rockafeller Skank)
10 Young Scene- Keith Mansfield (Punk to Funk)
11 Humpin', Bumpin' and Thumpin'- Andre Willilams (Sho Nuff)
12 I'll Do A Little Bit More- Olympics (Soul Surfing)
13 The Acid Test- Leo Muller (Build It Up - Tear It Down)
14 The Beat Girl- John Barry Seven (The Rockafeller Skank)
15 The Kettle- Colosseum -(Ya Mama)
16 Ashes, The Rain and I- The James Gang (Right Here Right Now)

Between 1998 and 2000 Fatboy Slim had 5 consecutive UK top ten singles.
In July 2002, he performed to an estimated audience of 250,000 (the second of his free open air concerts on Brighton beach).


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