The greatest record you've never heard...

Ok, I'll admit that's a sensationalist title for a post, and that many of you will indeed have heard the record in question.
When a few months back I compiled my Desert Island Discs selection I didn't include this song for the following reasons:
1- I had only ever heard it once, fifteen years ago.
2- I wasn't 100% sure of the name of the group.
3- I wasn't sure if it had ever been released.

Rewind to 1995 (I had to look it up).
A guy I work with gives me a lift one day. In his car ( a battered car with a tape deck to match) he plays a tape, not in a 'you've got to listen to this' way, just as background noise. It was a mixtape of garage type bands, The Milkshakes, Thee Headcoats etc.
One song really stood out.
Now this is where the shards of my memory, splintered by years of abuse, fail to come together.
Was he the drummer in this band? I remember that he was a drummer, that's for sure, but did he tell me that he'd been in this band? Or did he just know them? He'd lived in their town until quite recently. I honestly can't remember.
Any way- the other day I found the record on the excellent Shotgun Solution blog.
Here it is. Don't forget to show your appreciation to the original poster.

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  1. Sounds like early Neil Diamond fronting the early Kinks.


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