Celia and The Mutations- Mony Mony- You Better Believe Me 7" (1977)

Manager of The Stranglers sees a 'posh' woman singing in a restaurant. Thinks wouldn't it be funny - posh woman dirty macho band combination? 2 singles (only JJB on the second; fuck knows who the other 'Young' or 'Fabulous' Mutations (as they were billed ) were). Great punk name, actually derived from Ben Johnson's Volpone(1606) - typical Stranglers- nothing quite what it at first appears. Records not too bad- shortish, fastish, R&B ish- The Stranglers instantly recognisable of course...


  1. For your info, Celia and the Fabulous Mutations (second 45, "You'd Better Believe Me") were Celia Gollin, JJ Burnel, Wilko Johnson and Wales' own Terry Williams, drummer first with Man and then with Rockpile alongside Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe. The B side of the second Celia 45, "Round and Around" is credited to Celia and The Young Mutations, personnel unknown except that Andy Arthurs who produced the 45 co-wrote the song.

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. Thanks for that Dave- I never knew Terry Williams was involved. Of course, he was in Dire Straits (the most aptly named band ever) for a few years. also tells a good story about waking up on Johnny Cash's sofa with June vacuuming the living room .


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