The The- Soul Mining (1983)

The sort of literate, earnest pop that gets music journalists drooling. Never a great commercial success and wary of compromise, Matt Johnson was a key figure in the cerebral, angsty music of the era. By about 1990 nearly everyone I knew had a copy of this highly regarded album.

Matt Johnson - vocals, keyboards, percussion, loops
Anne Stephenson - violin
Martin McCarrick - cello
Paul Boyle - fiddle
Jools Holland - piano
Thomas Leer - synthesizer
Jeremy Meek - bass guitar
Camelle G. Hinds - bass guitar
Andy Duncan - drums
Zeke Manyika - drums
Jim Thirlwell - sticks and tins
Wix- accordion
I know that Johnny Marr joined Johnson in The The in 1989, but apparently Johnson had approached Marr to form a band during 1981. Johnson's loss, our gain?


  1. I'd say our gain and his gain. Marr did not change the the the sound a bit by the time he joined. Who knows what we would have missed out on had he been in the band earlier.

  2. Have you got the extended version of this is the day?

  3. Anonymous- I don't have the extended version of this is the day.


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