Interactive Democratic Justice (Revenge)

I think I've come up with a solution to delivering justice (or should that be 'revenge') along the democratic lines favoured by the hysterical keyboard jockeys who are petitioning the government.
1- Trials (a)- dispense with all the boring old courtroom stuff- let's make it a more viewer friendly process. There is great potential for nail biting,  drum rolls and anguished expressions in close up as we await the results of phone polls and online voting on both the verdict and sentencing.
2- Trials (b)- reintroduce trial by ordeal and trial by combat.
3- Trials (c)- select juries (judges even) from those who have a particular interest (or a particularly strong thirst for revenge) in the type of crime involved. So if you've had your car nicked you can apply to pass judgement in car crime trials (minimum sentence for TWOC should be at least ten years!)
4- Cops - 'a life for a life'- everytime a cop kills a member of the public we are allowed to do one of them in without getting the rope. They probably owe us a few already.
5- The current system will still be available. Assumed consent will be in operation, so unless you inform the Ministry of Justice that you wish to 'opt out' (fee payable) you will be subject to the new system.

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