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  2. Oh my life!
    I've started something here. It's always been my intention to keep all the links on BA alive. Helpful readers point out dead links and I fix them, re upping within 48 hrs wherever possible. I welcome all reports of dead links- there's nothing worse is there? you find something you've been looking for for ages and the links dead (well, I know there are worse things- figure of speech).
    But on checking posts for March- June 2009 it seems about 50% of the links are inactive now.
    I've already started the repair process but it's going to take a while , my friends.

  3. Update: I've now checked all the links in the 2009 posts. I'll repair all the ones I can before starting on 2010.

  4. Update: Music only (not texts or film clips)- 187 dead links identified. The process of replacing these links has begun already-The vast majority of the links will be repaired in the next 2 weeks. I have lost some files of rips- I will identify which posts this applies to in the comments and eventually get round to reripping most of these at some point.

  5. Ok, my old Rapidshare* files are getting bumped off at a steady rate so there's going to be some dead links. I'm quite busy at the moment, so I won't be able to check them all for a few days... In the meantime if you find any , please let me know.
    * when I started using RS it was simple, now it's an overcomplicated rip off.


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