The Fatima Mansions- Viva Dead Ponies (1990)

Vitriol delivered in a smooth package. A poisonous soft centre. Bugs Fucking Bunny- what a great title that would have been. John Peel famously said that he could listen to Cathal Coughlan singing the 'phone book. And he's a clever songwriter as well. More than a touch of the Scott Walkers- I'm rapidly exhausting my stock of Cathal Cloughlan cliches.
This album- the years 1990-c 1994- desperate times. Fear, unhappiness, my friend Jimmie and his brown leather bag, the bed and breakfast man, wandering around the country, occasionally turning up and always playing his battered cassette of this LP.
I don't drink and I don't do drugs but I'm still plagued by that nervous hunger. I must learn to conquer fear. Enjoy.

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