Laurel Aitken-Rudi Got Married (2004)

In a recording career that spanned over 45 years Laurel Aitken (1927-2005)- The Godfather of Ska- only registered one top 100 record in the UK. His influence, however, far exceeded his commercial success (or lack of it), and he enjoyed renewed and prolonged fame following the resurgence of interest in Ska brought about by 2Tone.

Born in Cuba, raised in Jamaica, Laurel Aitken lived in London for 3 years (1960-63) and then came to the UK again and settled in Leicester from 1970 onwards. His career spanned the development of Jamaican music from mento right through to dancehall, and he was playing gigs well into his seventies.

Plaque erected at Mr Aitken's former house by Leicester City Council (? the year of his birth- most sources give 1927)

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