Black Flag # 4- EZLN & Subcomandante Marcos

Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) originated in the Chiapas region of Southern Mexico in 1983.
I'm not going to write a lengthy history of the EZLN- more skilled and knowledgeable writers have already done so- but briefly, The Zapatistas (they take their name from Emiliano Zapata) came to international attention on January 1st, 1994, when they declared war on the Mexican government in order to promote the rights of indigenous peoples in the face of globalisation.
Although defeated after a dozen days of combat, the EZLN have maintained their resistance.

Subcomandante Marcos...

A prominent figure in the EZLN, Subcomandante Marcos is anonymous but instantly recognisable in his balaclava, smoking his pipe.
An urban intellectual , Marcos is a prolific writer who combines sharp analysis with the Latin American magic realism tradition.
He champions the causes of all oppressed minorities.

The Fourth World War Has Begun.

If the Third World War* saw the confrontation of capitalism and socialism on various terrains and with varying degrees of intensity, the fourth will be played out between large financial centers, on a global scale, and at a tremendous and constant intensity.
The Fourth World War Has Begun (1997)
An English translation of this work is available to read here.

* ie. The Cold War

Our Word Is Our Weapon.

Subcomandante Marcos reads in English from his most widely known work.

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