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I'm a bit late with this one, but it should be of interest to anyone who uses sites like Burning Aquarium. Hugh Cornwell approves of net fans who download music: http://www.pampelmoose.com/2010/03/stranglers-hugh-cornwell-approves-of-music-downloading-offers-free-album.

Here's a link to Hugh's latest release, free to download: www.hooverdamdownload.com/

And here's an interesting screencap:

That's right- available for just £7.90 on i-Tunes, the album that Hugh is, er, giving away for free. Anyway, on his latest tours Hugh has been playing Rattus Norvegicus, The Stranglers debut LP from 1977- here's a recording of it.


  1. Hugh Cornwell - 2007-03-23 - Harmonie, Bonn, Germany


    Hugh Cornwell
    Crossroads Festival
    Harmonie, Bonn, Germany 23rd March 2007

    1.Nice N' Sleazy.
    2.Picked Up By The Wind.
    3.Hanging Around.
    5.Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit.
    6.Always The Sun.
    7.Nerves Of Steel.
    8.Walk On By.
    9.No More Heroes.
    11.Down In The Sewer.

    Total Playing Time 57:01

    MP3 320Kbps
    Good Sound Quality

    File Size 130MB

    Here, thanks to Pip:



    HUGH CORNWELL (The Stranglers) Zwolle, NL, 09 11 2000


    Special one for the Burning Up Times ! This show was recorded in a small club in Holland, 2000, with Hugh and his band (Sumyunguise) playing a stunning set of old Stranglers songs and tracks from his own solo albums Guilty and HiFi. Also included here is what is IMO one of the best Hugh songs ever : Live It And Breathe It, only available so far on his live boxset People Places Pieces. Enjoy !

    Line up :
    Hugh Cornwell (lead vocals and guitar)
    Mike Polson (lead guitar)
    Midus "The Portugese Woman" (bass, vocals)
    John Miller (drums)

    01. Miss Teazyweezy (4:15)
    02. Goodbye Toulouse (2:47)
    03. Hanging Around (4:09)
    04. Dark Side Of The Room (4:44)
    05. Torture Garden (12:46)
    06. Walk On By (6:23)
    07. Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit (5:19)
    08. Nerves Of Steel (4:28)
    09. Leave Me Alone (3:18)
    10. Live It And Breathe It (4:42)
    11. Putting You In The Shade (2:56)
    12. Spain / Long Dead Train (9:44)

    Total time : 65:31
    Mp3, 192 kbps
    Excellent audience recording
    Total size : 91 Mo

    Here, thanks to radiolux:


    And of course, Hooverdam, here thanks to Hugh Cornwell:


    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. Hugh Cornwell video - Live Cafe De Paris,London,27-01-05

    Stranglers fans will be interested in this one no doubt. Hugh and his band from the Cafe De Paris (thats London not France!) from 1985. A mixture of Hugh's solo material and some classic Stranglers songs including Tank,Nice N Sleazy,Duchess,Hanging Around,Always The Sun,No More Heroes,Golden Brown and Goodbye Toulouse. Clocking in at just over an hour and 473mb. Enjoy!


    Cheers, Dave Sez.


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