Don Dixon-Most of the Girls Like to Dance But Only Some of the Boys Like To (1985)

Generally speaking the music I post on here is chosen because I like it and I want to share this pleasure with others.
I don't really like this record, though.
I came across it when I was going through some CDs looking for stuff to post.
The back story is I saw Dixon on Andy Kershaw's Whistle Test Comboland feature in 1985. As well as producing R.E.M (the first 2 LPs with Mitch Easter), The Smithereens and The Connells Dixon had been in Arrogance- a cult band from North Carolina who were seen as a sort of proto-indie phenomenon for their use of the jangle pop sound from 1970 onwards.
I wasn't that taken with his track on 1986's Welcome to Comboland LP , but The song I heard on the Kershaw programme, Most of the Girls Like to Dance But Only Some of the Boys Like To stuck in my head for years, about 15 years in fact. But when I finally got my hands on this I was disappointed.


  1. Hi, thanks for posting this one. I really like this album - some good ideas, some good hooks and I like his voice. There was a later album called (I think) Romantic Depressive - a title that makes more sense when spoken with an American accent - but I prefer Most Of The Girls Like To Dance, a great Track 1 Side 1 for many a mixtape! Thanks again.

  2. Not EVERYone likes EVERYthing, so it's okay that you aren't a fan of DD. I happen to think he's fantastic (along with the missus, Marti) and my hat's off to you for (perhaps) bringing an artist I consider sadly overlooked and underappreciated to the attention of more people. If you'd ever been lucky enough to see him (and Marti) in concert, I suspect you might have a different opinion. Not sure what the chances of that are these days. He seems to keep a pretty low profile.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, I just tried this link but it seems dead. I'd be grateful if you re-upped. Thanks!

  4. Maximum Jack- I just tested the link and it's fine?


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