Billy Childish- 25 years of being childish (2002)

Billy says it all in his own words there. Can't add to that.
Here is a 42 track retrospective of the first 25 years of Billy Childish's recording career, featuring The Pop Rivits, The Milkshakes, Thee Mighty Ceasars, The Delmonas, Sexton Ming, Jack Ketch + crowmen, Thee Headcoats, Thee Headcoatees, Armitage Shanks, The Blackhands, and The Buff Medways.

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  1. I love Billy Childish. Yes, his work is derivative, but that's not always a bad thing. All art borrows from and builds on other art.
    I prefer to listen to him in smaller doses (under one hour), but he definitely rocks.

    Also, he's somewhat responsible for the career of Holly Golightly, who is amazing.

    Anyone ever check out his paintings or poetry?


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