Bradford- Shouting Quietly (1989)

Hats off to social networking ! Mmm... Amongst the friend requests from people who normally pass you in the street and invitations to adopt nonexistent baby penguins you can, just occasionally, make contact with long lost friends. Therefore I would like to dedicate this post to Mr Jim Jones.
Appearances can be deceptive, and Bradford (who actually came from Blackburn) looked more like the feisty Redskins than the sensitive observers of eighties working class life that they were. They epitomised the socialist minded indie bands that followed in the wake of The Smiths. It does, indeed , take guts to be gentle and kind. Shouting Quietly is itself a phrase which to me sums up the discontent that was common amongst young, creative working class people after ten years of Thatcher. Criminally overlooked.
Bradford supported Morrissey in his first solo live performance and The Great One went on to cover Skin Storm as the b-side to his rockabilly hit Pregnant For The Last Time.
Lovely cover picture of Sir Noel Coward.

Ian Michael Hodgson - vocals, guitar
Ewan Butler - guitar
John Baulcombe - keyboards
Jos Murphy - bass
Mark Andrew McVitie - drums


  1. Firstly - just have to mention i just stumbled across your blog purely by accident - what a find! Great site - a credit to you! Have to mention also that i knew these guys (i grew up in Blackburn). A pity they didn't go much further - as many other bands in the town too. For a few years we had a totally thriving band scene - 'Funzig' (check them out on Youtube), 'Facectomy', 'Sasquatch', 'Russian For Money' - to name a few!
    Once again, wonderful blog. Best Wishes to You!

  2. Thanks for taking the trouble to comment


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