The Slits- Cut (1979)

Girl Power? I'll show you Girl Power, sonny...
Cracking cover picture from Pennie Smith. No sign of Budgie there though, is there? The record is just as invigorating. Fractured funky dub sound created out of chaos by the masterful Dennis Bovell.
Ari Up - vocals
Viv Albertine - guitar
Tessa Pollitt - bass guitar
Budgie - drums
Dennis Bovell - sound effects

 We’re just not interested in questions about Women’s Liberation… You either think chauvinism’s shit or you don’t. We think it’s shit… Girls shouldn’t hang around with people who give them aggro about what they want to do. If they do they’re idiots... Viv Albertine, June 1977

 Ari Up, quoted in Typical Girls?: The Story of the Slits
 by Zoe Street Howe

 http://d01.megashares.com/dl/WvVCQTA/The Slits.rar

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