Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers- L.A.M.F (Like A Motherfucker) - The Lost 77 Mixes (1977/1994)

In May 1975 two of the most influential bands in the nascent punk scene underwent personnel changes.  Johnny Thunders (1952 –1991) and Jerry Nolan (1946–1992)  left the New York Dolls, whilst Richard Hell (1949-) left Television.
This trio were soon performing under the name of The Heartbreakers. Walter Lure completed the line up.
Richard Hell left the group in 1976 and was replaced by Billy Rath.
    L.A.M.F is the Heartbreakers only studio album. The original release didn't do justice to the band, the sound being described as 'lacklustre'. Several remixed versions have been issued, to mixed receptions. The Lost '77 Mixes is currently held to be the best version.

     Johnny Thunders - vocals, guitar
    Walter Lure - vocals, guitar
    Billy Rath - bass
    Jerry Nolan - drums, vocals

    http://d01.megashares.com/dl/tTKAkWK/Johnny Thunders.rar

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      1. Hey, Walker, many thanks for this, I look forward to listening to these mixes. I've read that the Revisited version is too polished and the original is too thin. This might really be it, then, eh? Love the Burning Aquarium!


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