Pixies- Coachella Live (2004)

 From Pixies website:
April 17, 2012
Free Coachella ’04 Download
We have a special treat for you... This week, finding ourselves between two consecutive weekends of COACHELLA for the first time ever, we thought it fitting to rifle through the PIXIES vault in search of an apt celebration. So, we're very pleased to bring you a completely free download of 4 tracks from PIXIES memorable '04 Coachella performance.
The free tracks are :
1) U - Mass 
2) Monkey Gone To Heaven 
3) Hey 
4) Caribou 

With this being the first major PIXIES performance since the reformation, this show signified the successful return of PIXIES.

I wouldn't have known about this was it not for the excellent Exile On Moan Street blog - cheers Mona- enjoy the Cup Final...

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