Stiff Little Fingers- The Complete John Peel Sessions (recorded 1978-1980)

Here's a band that takes me back to the miserable teenage years. Thirty odd years later and still nobody understands me!
Never mind the fact that they kept on touring and turning out records up until a couple of years ago, their first two or three LPs were enough to ensure them punk rock immortality. And they had hairstyles like ordinary blokes.
This music makes me think of Council Estates, Fairgrounds, Double Decker Buses, Division 4, Colt 45 lager, Ford Cortinas, Mayfair Magazine, Brut, Stuart Pearson and the TV shutting down at 11pm.  
If I had a red Adidas holdall now I'd get a felt pen and write SLF on it...

Transmitted -18/09/1978

Transmitted -17/09/1979

Transmitted- 25/02/1980

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