Naked City- Naked City (1990) Grand Guignol (1992)

Naked City started with rhythm and blues/Spillane type things then went into this hard-core thing... because I was living in Japan and experiencing a lot of alienation and rejection... My interest in hard-core also spurred the urge to write shorter and shorter pieces. John Zorn

Having earlier created hardcore punk influenced interpretations of  Ornette Coleman's compositions , John Zorn turned to the more extreme formats of hardcore and grindcore  for his works with Naked City. Influences cited by Zorn here include Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Carcass.

John Zorn – alto saxophone
Bill Frisell – guitar
Fred Frith – bass
Joey Baron – drums
Wayne Horvitz – keyboards
Yamatsuka Eye – vocals
Bob Dorough - special guest vocalist on Grand Guignol

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