Bad Brains (1982) Fixed Link.

Hardcore punk. Speed, energy, directness. Bad Brains, African American  devotees of Rastafari.
Massively influential- one of the classic albums of any genre.

At their best, Bad Brains are a band to make the hairs on the back of your neck ripple in awe. Rastafarians from Washington DC by way of New York City, Bad Brains play a groundbreaking, incendiary mixture of raging hardcore punk, deftly thudding metal and heartfelt, liquid reggae, bristling with spiritual fervor. Visionary frontman H.R. (Paul Hudson) has the lungs of a lion, able to morph from sweetly soulful crooner to fiery banshee wailer; guitar wizard Dr. Know erupts with serpentine squealing leads and charging, crunching chords; the churning heartbeat rhythms are forged by limber bassist Darryl Jenifer and stoic drummer (and H.R.'s brother) Earl Hudson. Trouser Press

The  unlikely influence of the pioneer of personal success lit, author of  Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (1960) Napoleon Hill...

Don't care what they may say we got that attitude. 
Don't care what they may do we got that attitude. 
Hey we got that PMA 

Bad Brains peaked early...This ...showcases the BB's (sic) at their furious peak, and every single note on this record is clasic. The Brains flawlessly shift between revved-up punk and spaced out dub. Indespensable.
Chris Knowles Clash City Showdown 

H.R. - vocals
Dr. Know - guitar, backing vocals
Darryl Jenifer - bass guitar, backing vocals
Earl Hudson - drums, backing vocals

http://d01.megashares.com/dl/sgL766F/Bad Brains.rar

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