Public Image- First Issue (1978)

The singer was in another band before, but this band was better (discuss...)
The guitar player was in The Clash before they were famous.
The bass player was one of the best ever.
The drummer was the drummer.

    John Lydon - vocals 
    Keith Levene - guitar 
    Jah Wobble - bass (vocals on "Fodderstompf") 
    Jim Walker - drums (vocals on "Fodderstompf") 
    Their eponymous debut album (sic), where Lydon was joined by guitarist Keith Levene and virtuoso dub bassist Jah Wobble, was nightmarish. Brutal and frequently unlistenable, it was a raw howl of intent that stretched way beyond a simple flicked V at the music industry. Far from being a random assault on people's nerves, PiL were creating a New Music with something approaching scientific vigour. Arguably the first post-rock group, they traded traditional rock influences for something far more interesting. Can, Lee Perry and Captain Beefheart replaced The Who, The Stones and Eddie Cochran, and brought a densely layered and fiercely rhythmic sound. NME-January 11, 1999


  1. Thanks very much!

  2. Is this a vinyl rip? I love this record, I have it on CD, I was wondering if it sounds better on vinyl . . .

  3. One of my favourite albums to come out at that time... loved it, I have it both on vinyl and CD.
    Have a listen if you haven't heard it before!


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