The Smiths- Demos

A remastering of some demos and previously unheard material from The Smiths that originally resurfaced to much media attention last December.
Lossless versions and liner notes here. All credit to the original poster for their sterling work.
MP3's @ 320 all in one folder here.

1 Reel Around The Fountain (July 1983, Troy Tate final mix)
2 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (October 1983, John Porter monitor mix)
3 This Night Has Opened My Eyes (June 1984, unreleased studio recording)
4 Rusholme Ruffians (July 1984, John Porter first take)
5 I Misses You (December 1984, instrumental)
6 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (September 1985, early take)
7 The Queen Is Dead (Fall 1985, original unedited version)
8 Frankly, Mr Shankly (November 1985, Stephen Street "trumpets" recording)
9 Ask (9 June 1986, probable first-ever take)
10 Is It Really So Strange? ( June 1986, original unreleased studio recording)
11 Shoplifters Of The World Unite (December 1986, instrumental)
12 Sheila Take A Bow (January 1987, John Porter original version)
13 Girlfriend In A Coma (January 1987, early take)
14 Death Of A Disco Dancer (April 1987, first take)
 15 Paint A Vulgar Picture (April 1987, early take)
16 Heavy Track (April 1987, instrumental)

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