PINUPS was really my way of shaking off Ziggy completely, while retaining some excitement in the music. It really was treading water, but it happens to be one of my favourite albums. I think there is some terrific stuff on it...

These are all songs which really meant a lot to me then - they're all very dear to me. These are all bands which I used to go and hear play down The Marquee between 1964 and 1967. Each one meant something to me at the time. Its my London of the time - David Bowie

This was the second of David Bowie's number one albums in 1973, a selection of covers from 1964-1967, the era of his unsuccessful attempts to make it, first in a series of beat bands (Davie Jones and the King Bees, Lower Third, The Buzz) and later as a rather twee Anthony Newley inspired 'all round entertainer'.
Mick Ronson (guitar) and Trevor Bolder (bass) were retained from The Spiders From Mars line up.

And here are the originals:

The Who, The Pretty Things, Them
The McCoys, The Kinks, The Easybeats,

The Mojos, Pink Floyd, The Yardbirds

1. Rosalyn The Pretty Things 2. Here Comes the Night Them 3. I Wish You Would The Yardbirds 4. See Emily Play Pink Floyd 5. Everything's Alright The Mojos 6. I Can't Explain The Who 7. Friday on My Mind The Easybeats 8. Sorrow The McCoys 9. Don't Bring Me Down The Pretty Things 10. Shapes of Things The Yardbirds 11. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere The Who 12. Where Have All the Good Times Gone The Kinks
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  1. Congrats on 500 posts! Great blog.

    Pinups has long been one of my favorite Bowie records; I think the fact that it's all covers makes it unfairly dismissed. Thanks for the originals—that made my day!

  2. I heard that Bowie rushed this out when he heard that Bryan Ferry was preparing an all-covers record. There apparently was a rivalry between the two in England and this was Bowie slapping Ferry in the face.
    Thanks for the originals too!

  3. Could have been some sort of record company race :
    Ferry recorded These Foolish Things in June 1973 and it was released on 5th October 1973.
    Bowie recorded Pinups in July 1973 and it was released on 19th October 1973.
    These Foolish Things peaked at # 5 in November 1973, whilst Bowie's LP was at # 1.

  4. Congratulations on 500 posts Walker and also on the breadth of subjects. Always interesting.

  5. Thanks for the Bowie and many thanks for the originals... Great stuff! Had to go off and search for the Brell (FAB!) and the Springsteen (still not a fan).

    Love your photo montage. Simongmusic has also done a mix on 8Tracks - with a nifty cover made up of images of the original 45s, for those who like such things.
    It's here: http://8tracks.com/simongmusic/pin-ups-the-original-45s


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