Wilhelm Reich

You let men in power assume power ‘for the Little Man’. But you yourself remain silent. You give men in power or impotent people with evil intentions the power to represent you. Only too late do you realize that again and again you are being defrauded.
Listen, Little Man! (1945)

Hats off to Ian Bone- he does offer some good reading recommendations. I'm sure that his heroine Lucy Parsons would have approved.
Bone recently posted on the question Why does no one read Wilhelm Reich any more?

Here's a good place to start...


  1. Hey there.

    Thanks for all the rarity sharity, particularly singles, demos and rare goods. Also thanks for bringing literature in with the music. Thanks for having interests along the lines of mine. Also thanks for exposing interests that were not till now.

    I'm especially compelled to thank you now, as I've just gotten through your archives and came across the Sham 69 video for the Yardbirds track (http://burningaquarium.blogspot.com/2009/04/sham-69-youre-better-man-than-i-1979.html). Gotta love the way Pursey looks to the skies almost every time he utters the word "Mister."

    That's punk rock babe.

    Cheers mate,

  2. Thanks for the feedback- glad you're enjoying!


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