Plastic Bertrand- Ca Plane Pour Moi; Elton Motello- Jet Boy Jet Girl 7" (1977)

Hands up if you can name Lou Deprijck's biggest hit.
In 1977 Lou Deprijck recorded his composition Ca Plane Pour Moi with the following line up:
Mike Butcher (aka Jet Staxx), guitar; John Valke, bass; Bob Dartch, drums. The anthem of hedonistic abandon was intended as the B side to Pogo-Pogo.
It was released by Plastic Bertrand in December 1977. But Plastic Bertrand was not a pseudonym or alter ego of Deprijck. He was a lip synching front chosen by the record company for his his punk image and received less than 0.5% of the royalties.
Also in late 1977 Alan Ward, singer with punk band Bastard released Jet Boy Jet Girl. He used the same backing track recorded by Butcher,Valke and Dartch. The record was released under the name Elton Motello, and when it was reissued in Britain in 1978 it was mistakenly believed to be the original on which Ca Plane Pour Moi was modelled.

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  1. "Jet Boy Jet Girl" is the original version of "Ca Plane Pour Moi".
    I have been in touch with Mr Alan Ward himself regarding this matter.
    Plastic Bertrand/Deprijck used the Motello backing tracks when they recorded some of the songs for Plastic Bertrand's 1st album "An 1". (The songs were "Jet Boy Jet Girl" - became "Ca Plane Pour Moi" - "Get The Guy" - became "", "Pogo Pogo" - same title but French lyrics added - and the old Small Faces hit "Sha La La La Lee" (French lyrics added).
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