Can- Delay 1968 (recorded 1968, released 1981)

Can's aborted first album, ripped from a 2006 reissue.
 Delay 1968 isn't simply the ur- text of Can, but of most of the music that followed it.
John Gill
Holger Czukay – bass, engineering, editing
Michael Karoli – guitar
Jaki Liebezeit – drums, percussion
Irmin Schmidt – keyboards
Malcolm Mooney – vocals

 http://d01.megashares.com/dl/m5s68xx/Delay 1968.rar


  1. Brilliant post, but it's been removed! That was quick, wasn't it? Pity. Great choice, though.

  2. As our Anonymous friend points out, that was quick-Link was removed due to violation of our TOS.Link was in violation of copyright laws or other... after 24 hrs! Don't see much point in re-upping it if they are that motivated. There is a load of Can available on Avaxhome...

    1. I understand your decision, Walker. I just wanted to say that I love to visit and read/watch/dl the stuff you post. It's not so much that I was looking for that Can record and stumbled upon the Aquarium; I always pop in, and I always find something interesting to read/watch/dl. I'd have DLed the Can just because you were sharing it. Sorta like the old, "hey, man, you've got to listen to this". And you hand in a tape, you know? Love the Aquarium!

  3. Yasujiro has a few nice cuts, that will definitely stay up!!! Screw CAN! [No, don't, actually! You might hurt yourself...]

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback, Anonymous! Much appreciated.


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