Ramones- It's Alive (1979- recorded 1977)

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Hey, ho, let’s go…
If a traveller from another planet ever lands here at Walker Towers and asks the question what’s this rock n roll thing I’ll play him some Ramones.

Simple simple stuff. The brilliance lies in the simplicity, the raw energy.
The minimalism of the music is matched by the purity of the imagery:
Biker jackets, torn jeans, T shirts and Chuck Taylors.
Johnny and his Mosrite guitar. Bubblegum and John Holmstrom cartoon strips…
Recorded on December 31st 1977 at The Rainbow Theatre, London.

Line up:
Joey Ramone - vocals
Johnny Ramone - guitar
Dee Dee Ramone - bass, backing vocals
Tommy Ramone - drums
 http://d01.megashares.com/dl/VLJRfbB/The Ramones-Its Alive.rar

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  1. Bless ya!
    Takes me right back to the Electric Ballroom, 79. Without the bricolage. Or the heat, or the boots, or the "Got a spare ten pence?" ;) roy


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