Ramones (1976), Leave Home (1977), Rocket To Russia (1977)

Nothing rare about these but I thought I'd post something tempting in order to get some feedback on the Megashares links, so let me know how you get on with the downloads.

http://d01.megashares.com/dl/HZc5mQB/Ramones Leave Home.rar *
 * Includes Carbona Not Glue, Babysitter and Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, all of which in turn featured on various releases of the LP.

From Ramones by Nicholas Rombes:

Rombes also described the Ramones as making short, fast songs about nothing.These 3 albums were released in the space of 20 months- the 30 odd songs that the Ramones had together early in 1976 recorded in the order that they were written.  Massively important records that, hard as it may be to believe now, were not commercial smashes.

 Joey Ramone (Jeffry Ross Hyman  1951 – 2001) - vocals
Johnny Ramone (John William Cummings 1948 – 2004) - guitar
Dee Dee Ramone  (Douglas Glenn Colvin 1951 – 2002) - bass, backing vocals
Tommy Ramone (Erdélyi Tamás 1952-) - drums

Review from Punk magazineVolume 1 – Number 2, March 1976


  1. Megashare works a treat; and cheers for these, replace me old worn plastic.
    Don't 'spose you have the double live one ('Alive' [?])? Just to complete the set, like.

    And I am going to check out the Downloader, as I've heard others recommending it too.
    I'll follow your link.
    Hey, glad you decided not to extinguish your Aquarium... roy

  2. Cheers Roy- I'll take the enquiry about It's Alive as a request! It's on Burning Aquarium (link dead probably) but I'll repost it for you in the not too distant future. Thanks for your support- best wishes Walker.


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