This Is Big Audio Dynamite (1985)

You can hear this coming if you listen to Combat Rock and Rat Patrol by The Clash. A sophisticated groovy sound laced  with soundtrack samples.
The first words heard on the LP are Get three coffins ready, spoken by Clint Eastwood in Per un pugno di dollari . I've often wondered if Mick was thinking of his former bandmates there...

The outstanding E=MC2   references the films of Nicholas Roeg, with soundbites from one of my all time favourite movies, Performance

United we stand, divided we're lumbered-Johnny Shannon as Harry Flowers

I like a bit of a cavort, I don't send 'em solicitor's letters. I apply a bit of pressure - James Fox as Chas

At the death, who is left holding the sodding baby?- James Fox as Chas

Don Letts - sound effects, vocals
Dan Donovan - keyboards, photos
Leo Williams - bass, vocals
Greg Roberts - drums, vocals
Mick Jones - vocals, guitar


  1. One of the best films ever made. For sure!
    I don't normally drop links in comments but hopefully you'll excuse this one, as I put together a bit of a 'Performance' mix and post myself:

    Please do have a butcher's.

    Dig ya blog, btw, and hey, I even like BAD! roy

  2. As you may recall, I bought This is Big Audio Dynamite and Cut the Crap on the same day. I only kept BAD. Saw them at the Concorde in Manchester the next year, they encored with Word Up by Cameo.

  3. Cut The Crap had two words too many in the title, Mike.

  4. Fantastic, thanks, Walker. Happy Holidays.

  5. and today Mark Jones told me that Mick Jones was at a Justice for the 96 gig in Cardiff last month. Bastard. Still, Mark & Matt told Billy Bragg and the 3johns how to play Garageland (1984, Penyrheol).
    Cut the Crap - that Bernie Rhodes, what a wag.

  6. Fantastic album, fantastic band. Their reunion gigs have been one of the highlights of my year (or three of them, as I went to see them 3 times)


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